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What is Clicket?

Clicket is a two-player game, utilizing the tilt sensors of an iPhone or iPad to guide and collide balls around different arenas. Think "Labyrinth meets Reversi* meets eight-ball".

It's a game that tends to sway back and forth in a most amusing and dramatic fashion. It is, in fact, the "most exciting game ever created" (as explained by its makers).

Clicket is ridiculously easy to learn, but definitely a game of skill. You really get the hang of it in a few seconds. As for becoming a true master, you choose your own path. Get strategic and think ahead, outwitting your opponent in chess-like fashion. Or focus on learning how to guide the ball skillfully between holes, sliding along walls and bouncing off an opponent's ball at just the right angle, rolling instantly away to your next victim.

* That's Othello for you fellow Swedes out there.